ELLE-GI Espansi di Boero M. P.IVA 09255330012
Cell.: (+39) 351.591.47.42
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who we are

The ELLE-GI boasts twenty years of experience in the transformation of expanded products.

Foam polyurethane is widely used in a great number of situations and in particular in the world of furniture padding.

Our business is the processing and turns of this material for the production of:

  • Furniture components for showrooms, fairs, events, schools, gyms, etc ..
  • Bare and lined foam lining for pillow pads, mattresses, etc ... in various shapes and volumes
  • Rebuilding of chairs and sofas
  • Flame retardant polyurethane on request
  • Packaging usage

Our specialization ranges from expanded furnishings to technical expanders. We are also able to make die-cutting and drawing shapes.

At our warehouse we offer a wide range of conventional products. In a density of 18 kg / mc to 40 kg / mc. We also do tapestry and leather upholstery work.

Come and visit us in our shed of SCALENGHE in province of TURIN, via Sen.Avv. Giovanni Agnelli 5

telefono 3456557237 - email: maurizio.boero@ellegiespansi.it

We are 15 miles away from A55 PINEROLO - TORINO, PISCINA exit